How many creative projects should a person work on simultaneously?

This question was discussed in one of the podcasts I listen to called Question of the Day. Their answer is 5-10. I think that is very true. I am currently stuck with one of the projects I’m working on. The project is CraigsMenu. Also checkout the blog there if you can. I have been trying to push myself to work on it for the past 2 days but for whatever reason, I simply cannot. I feel like I’m in a video game and this particular magic spell has been used too much and now requires a very long cool down period. I’m going to switch to something else and I hope it can solve the problem. Now it’s time for me to pick another creative project. Already feeling excited!

Amazing story about Leicester City F.C.

Summary of the story: Leicester City F.C. is a small soccer club in British Premier League. They only got into the league after 13-14 season. In 14-15 season, they almost got demoted. They were at the bottom after 29 of 38 games. But against all odds, they started their crazy come back, won 7 of the rest 9 games and survived. The unbelievable part is in 15-16 season. Because their performance was not that great in 14-15 season, their odds of winning the champion, according to some sports gambling company, was 5000:1 . They also got a new manager (head coach) that was not considered a good choice by most. They do not have tons of money to buy any super stars. Their main striker Jamie Vardy was still playing non-league soccer in 2012. However, against all odds, including the 5000:1 by the gambling company, they won the champion leading second 10 points. Jamie Vardy also broke the record of score most in consecutive games.

I’m not a huge soccer fan so I only learn this story today. It is really amazing. It’s a classic underdog story. I really feel inspired by it. Some high school teacher even put sign in class room to encourage students saying “If Leicester City can win the champion, you can do anything.”

Go Fox!