DockerCon 2016 summary

I attended DockerCon 2016 during June 20th and 21st. Feels pretty lucky that some convention center in sillicon valley need renovation so DockerCon choose to be held almost right next door to me. Today I finally finished watching videos of the talks that I did not go to here. And I have been playing with the Mac Beta version of Docker for the last month, so it’s time for this brief summary.

  1. Docker community is growing fast! Everyone is onboard now. Those are not will be irrelevant soon.
  2. Docker Inc, is producing tons of stuff. So many new features in the Beta. How did they do it? Well some purchases I’m sure like Tutum which I really like.
  3. DevOps is really interesting but if you dive deep it is hard. Respect to all DevOps!
  4. I feel know so little about my own trade (service and application development), after watching this video

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